Sunday, July 03, 2016


So the hometown paper was so excited about the Kasich juggernaut they're suffering a void.

Lucky for them they've got an even better prospect: Will Hillary Clinton consider Richard Cordray as a running mate? 

Lots of good reasons to do so: Labor urges Clinton to consider Cordray for vice presidential nomination

Cordray's in an interesting position. Being head of CFPB is probably a better gig than either the Supreme Court or the Fed. Under a Clinton administration, this Death Star will flourish and claim its full due. Rich has been duly pushing it, but we haven't had quite enough political assassinations yet. No matter. Rich has learned patience.

After two doomed, hubris-filled efforts at statewide office around the early Clinton era, Rich got smart and ran for county treasurer, eventually stepping into the least important of the statewide offices in Ohio (well, one of two), state treasurer.

Then, delight: The man who took down Bob Taft and became attorney general, Marc Dann, proved to be a buffoon who was forced to resign and even suspended from practice, allowing Rich to achieve his goal: Attorney General.

Unfortunately it was more or less 2009 before he got into office, and even more unfortunately, and uncharacteristically, the Ohio Republicans pulled their heads out of their asses and ran smart in 2010. There's a wonderful quote from Rich reflecting on life's ups and downs after he lost that gig. By a whisker, he lost to former Sen. Mike DeWine. "Curses! Foiled again by those meddling kids!"

But not to worry. The socialists are in control where it counts, and he's in a sweet spot now. He can play Emperor Palpatine for decades at CFPB, he could easily vie for the Supreme Court, and the local papers are clamoring for him to run for governor or even senator, although the senate is probably beneath him now (remember how much good the county treasurer's office did for you, Rich).

And he'd be a good choice for Clinton. Too bad he isn't Hispanic. I'd put Fauxcahontas on that one, stat.

Even with that handicap, he'd be a good choice for her, and except for proximity to the Clinton corruption, it'd be a good move for him.

Interesting times, interesting times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's Richard Cordray?

2:55 PM, July 03, 2016  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Duh. The biggest thing since Kasich.

5:52 PM, July 03, 2016  

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