Friday, September 30, 2016

Bright Idea

I just received a post card from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.  They say sit tight, they'll soon be sending me LED light bulbs.  They claim each bulb will save $238 over its lifetime.  (Or maybe that I'll save $238 over the lifetime of the bulb, which isn't quite the same thing.)

If they want to send me stuff, who am I to turn it down?  It's true about five years ago, just before they banned incandescent bulbs, I bought a whole bunch of them, and still have enough left to last a few more years.  But I'll switch if they make it easy.

My main question: is everyone getting this post card, or can they tell from my energy use that I'm a holdout who need convincing?  I'd hate to think that someone at the DWP is taking a personal interest in me.

For that matter, if I get their LEDs, but keep using the old bulbs until I'm out, will someone be paying me a visit?  You may think the DWP wouldn't bother to visit, but there's actually a warning on the post card:

For your safety and security, be mindful of LADWP impostors.  Ask for identification and don't let anyone into your home without verifying their identity.  LADWP staff will never enter your home without your permission.

That's supposed to reassure me, but for some reason, it creeps me out.


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