Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Coming Of Age

A few years ago a friend who worked in show biz called me, incensed.  The IMDb had started listing his age.  He even thought I might have given them the information, though I had no idea when he was born.

The main thing he wanted to know was how he could get it removed.  I told him he could ask them to take it down, but it's doubtful they would.  Otherwise, there was nothing he could do--if the information was accurate they had a legal right to put it out there.

Until now.  Governor Brown has just signed a bill that requires the IMDb to remove people's ages from their website.  The law is supported by actors' unions who believe their members are discriminated against due to their age.

I assume the IMDb and other affected by the law will challenge it in court, and I assume they will win.  It seems pretty clear the First Amendment gives them the right to publish the truth.  An actor's age is not a state secret.  If others discriminate based on this information, the IMDb can't be held responsible.

In fact, this seems so clearly unconstitutional that I wonder why politicians--who took an oath to uphold the Constitution--are wasting our time with this nonsense.  If it's repealed, will they try something else, or will they shrug and tell their constituents "hey, we tried"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now we see the political issues actors really care about

3:37 AM, September 27, 2016  

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