Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chick Click

Jack Chick has died.  Didn't even know he was still alive.

He created those cartoon tracts that gave the fundamentalist Christian view on numerous issues.  I've known of his work since I was in high school.  People would just leave them lying around for others to read.  The basic message was if you didn't follow his way, things didn't look good.

Many found his work offensive, but I found it fascinating.  I can't blame him for putting forth his views if he honestly felt how he did.  And (as far as I know), he only tried to convince others through his comics, not through violence.



Blogger New England Guy said...

I am only familiar with his work from the poster that came with Dead Kennedy's albums (

3:59 AM, October 25, 2016  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

I remember that poster! It was the first time I had heard of Pol Pot.

A satirical Catholic news site had a good take on Jack Chick's passing.

4:33 PM, October 25, 2016  

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