Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Strange To Say

According to The Hollywood Reporter (which seems to have become a political periodical--Tom Arnold is threatening to release yet more Trump secret tapes--I'd love to hear them, but hasn't the time for that passed?), President Obama says he would have beat Trump.  He says he would have "mobilized a majority of the American people." I thought that's what he was trying to do for Hillary.

I'm not saying he wouldn't have won. It's just odd to hear the President talk like this about the man who's about to replace him--it seems untoward. On the other hand, as he sits in the White House reading Donald Trump's tweets, I can understand why he thinks there are no rules any more.

He also believes a "double standard" applied to Hillary.  There's been a "longstanding difficulty in her relationship with the press." So does that explains how he beat her in 2008?  No, it only applies to 2016, where "her flaws were wildly amplified relative to" Trump's.

This is the same media, you'll recall, that endorsed Clinton over Trump 57 to 2.  Gary Johnson got more endorsements from major papers than Trump.  A fair number of conservative journals went for Hillary.  Some papers simply said do what you want as long as you don't vote for Trump.  So I guess when Obama says "relative to" Trump, he means that Trump is a 50 times worse than Hillary, and the press only made him seem 25 times worse.

He also noted Hillary Clinton had "performed wonderfully under really tough circumstances." That might have been the cruelest thing he said.


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