Sunday, April 30, 2017

Double CC

We're lucky in that we get two doses of the delightful Carrie Coon each week.

She was barely known to the public until a few years back, mostly being a stage actress.  But now with her work on TV as well as her memorable supporting role in Gone Girl, I think we can call her an up-and-coming star.

On Sundays, she's Nora Durst on The Leftovers.  As the woman whose whole family disappeared during the Sudden Departure, she's turned into perhaps the most compelling character on the show.  Maybe the best episode of season 1 (the weakest season) was when Nora attended a Departure conference in New York.

And just last week the show had a Nora-centric episode when she left town to visit Mark Linn-Baker--the actor playing a version of himself--who claimed he could reunite her with her children.  Now, as part of the deal, she (and the show) will travel to Australia where who knows what will happen.

Meanwhile, she's on view every Wednesday in Fargo.  Each season--as well as the original film--features a calm, smart female officer who unravels the mystery (with a Minnesota accent, you betcha). This season it's Coon's Gloria Burgle. So far, her stepfather has been killed, and not much else, but she's hot on the trail.

Interestingly, both Gloria and Nora have a similar problem--in their latest episodes, they're not noticed by electronic devices.  I suppose this means something deeper in each show.


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