Friday, June 23, 2017

Capital Idea

Fargo just ended its third season.  It had its problems, but it was still entertaining.

An important part of the plot was the villain, Varga, taking over a parking lot business as a front to borrow many millions of dollars, leaving it in ruins.

In an interview with the show's creator, Noah Hawley, The Hollywood Reporter asks about "the seasons' general dark tone about truth and unfettered Capitalism."

Here's a line from the A.V. Club's review of the finale: "I love [IRS agent] Larue Dollard's explanation to Gloria about how Varga's scheme was largely legal, apart from the fact that he didn't pay taxes."

Seems to me some people don't quite understand capitalism, unfettered or otherwise.

Capitalism does allow private parties to make contracts regarding what they do with their own property, and it's possible these contracts will advantage one party and disadvantage another.

However, this system doesn't work unless there is a neutral party to determine who is right when disputes arise. This is where a government, and its court system, enters the picture.

And within these systems, some contracts are no good from the start--those that were entered into due to fraud, intimidation and outright violence, for instance.  These are some of the methods Varga uses.  Maybe an IRS agent would be blind to this because he cares so much about the tax consequences, but Varga very openly broke numerous laws.

Some people love to compare capitalists and gangsters, but there is a difference, and it's not that hard to tell.


Anonymous Lawrence King said...

How would you compare it to the earlier seasons?

I loved the movie. I liked Season One of the TV series, but the characters were too exaggerated (especially the pure evil supervillain). I haven't seen Season Two or Three.

But I just came across a review of Season Three that was a pure rave -- "There are no bad episodes. I’m not even sure that there are any bad scenes. The acting is consistently good, and frequently fantastic.... The plotting is jaw-droppingly good. And drum-tight. It twists and turns constantly. It’s almost never predictable." Clearly you wouldn't rank it that high, but do you still recommend it?

8:42 PM, June 24, 2017  
Blogger LAGuy said...

The thing is I didn't like the movie. And then I saw ads for Fargo on FX a few years ago, and I wondered why would they bother to advertise a showing of an old movie?

I eventually discovered it was a TV show, and was surprised at how much I liked it.

The show takes place in the world of the movie Fargo, but also in the wider world of the Coen Brothers, with allusions to many of their movies. In general, the TVg Fargo is a bit more fantastic than the movie Fargo, but there are other Coen films that have a magical feeling. And as far as a pure evil supervillain, just look at the film that won them more awards than Fargo, No Country For Old Men.

If you liked Season One, no reason you shouldn't like Two or Three. Fans disagree, of course, but my guess is if you polled them all, they'd rank Season Three the lowest.

11:37 PM, June 24, 2017  

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