Tuesday, July 04, 2017


How do the elite celebrate the Fourth? Why, with celebratory columns in the residue of newspapers, of course.

Usually you can't accuse the man of incoherence, at least apart from the idea that liberalism is inherently incoherent, but this seems a bit dissonant: Forget passion, adopt reason, and revere "the constitution and the laws."

Reason leads to reverence? I wouldn't think so. "Optimization" seems a better word choice.

But it's wonderful that Cass has adopted Originalism: Finally, the Constitution means something.

Unless . . . do you think I've been hoodwinked? Is Cass really just saying STFU and listen to me?

Naw, couldn't be. It must have been seeing Gorsuch elevated to the court rang a bell. Cass is finally one of us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Referring to ourselves in the plural, then?

10:35 AM, July 04, 2017  

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