Saturday, July 22, 2017


John Heard has died.  To my surprise, he's being most often identified as the father in Home Alone, even in Variety, the show biz Bible.

I suppose that was the biggest film he was in, but it wasn't a significant role.  I didn't even remember he was in it.

I remember him much better for starring roles in his early films, such as Between The Lines (his film debut), Chilly Scenes Of WinterCutter's Way, Cat People and Heaven Help Us.

He was also memorable in lots of supporting work, such as his frustrated executive in Big, or his corrupt detective on The Sopranos.

Heard was a guy who worked regularly in movies and TV, a true pro. I assumed he worked so much because everyone knew he always delivered.

He'll be remembered, and I don't think just for Home Alone.


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