Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday, Sunday

For some reason, Sunday has become the best TV day. I remember, in the pre-cable era, when other days, such as Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday, were the best days--but for about a generation now, it's been Sunday.

And starting tonight, I'll be getting my favorite drama and my favorite comedy.  Readers of this blog probably know which shows, but in case there's any doubt, I mean Game Of Thrones and, finally, season three of Rick And Morty.

(And that's not all.  There's still the new Twin Peaks, for example.)

This state of affairs will only last until the end of August.  In September, there'll be other shows to take their place, but it won't be quite the same.  So better live it up while I can.

Though I've often wondered if I couldn't just record these shows and dole them out over the rest of the year.  Probably wouldn't work.  The spoilage probably alone would ruin a lot of the fun.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

Sunday has become that for me too, though with a slightly different line-up. We are binge watching Rick & Morty, and will continue with Season 3 shortly. Not watching Game of Thrones, however.

I hardly watch anything live anymore, besides sports, and so we'll sprinkle Rick & Morty's throughout the week. But sometimes we get so into a show that we watch it the night it airs - doing that with Twin Peaks now. And soon The Walking Dead will be back, and then next year Westworld.

The big question is whether we will be hooked by the new Star Trek (not sure if CBS has announced if that will be a Sunday night program). I often wonder why networks choose to put their strongest shows up against other networks' strongest shows? It's not like grocery stores clustering on the same block so they can attract rival's customers by physical proximity. Especially with streaming available, why not pick the night that gives your show the clearest shot at an audience?

8:28 AM, July 31, 2017  
Blogger LAGuy said...

Now that people watch TV whenever they want, I'm not sure if time slot means what it used to.

I've sampled some of the new Star Trek shows over the years, but haven't watched one regularly for decades. I prefer the movies.

It wouldn't take long to catch up on Rick And Morty, but it would to do the same for Game Of Thrones. Let me suggest you wait till this season is over, then binge watch it so that you're caught up by the final season. Then you can enjoy it in real time with tens of millions of others. (The spoilers are so plentiful that this is a rare show you want to watch as it's aired).

10:17 AM, July 31, 2017  

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