Saturday, August 05, 2017

Getting To The Fireworks Factory

We're essentially at the halfway point of this season's Game Of Thrones.  Even the long seasons were too short, so the short seasons are ridiculous.

The shape of things is getting clearer.  Though the show is moving through the plot lickety-split, it seems to be concentrating on some points at the expense of others.

Thus it seems that the Army of the Dead won't be the big thing this season, but the next.  I'm not saying they won't make an appearance--in fact, something big is almost bound to happen (eventually the Wall must fall) before we're done--but the main concentration is on Cersei versus Daenerys.

Thus, so far, we've been getting allies wiped out and regulars getting killed while the two sides maneuver.  So I guess it's time to throw the Dothraki into the battle, presumably against the (Jaime-led?) Lannister troops.  That'll be fun right there.

But also, it's time to unleash the dragons.  They're not going to be held back just to kill wights, they've got to take part.  We've never really seen them in a full-out fight, so that could be the biggest moment of the season.  And, perhaps, due to Qyburn, some may even be harmed or die.

And there are a lot of people aiding one side or another. In addition to Qyburn, there's Bronn (speaking of reunions, will he ever meet Tyrion again?), Jorah, Theon, Varys, Brienne, Davos, Grey Worm and quite a few others.  Most will survive this season, but you'd think a few will have to go out in a burst of glory.


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