Sunday, September 17, 2017

Heading For A Fall

On this day of the Emmy Awards, let's think way back.  Remember when you used to get excited about the new fall TV schedule?  No?  Is that because it's too long ago, or you never cared?

In any case, there was a time when the unveiling of the prime time lineup on CBS, NBC, etc., was a big deal.  Before Netflix, before HBO, before basic cable.

For better or worse, these prime time network offerings are still the most-watched shows (if you don't include The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones and a number of others).

So let's see what we've got.


Sunday has become the best TV night of the week, mostly thanks to cable--for some reason, there's a tradition of putting their best shows on then.  But we're just looking at the networks right now, so what have we got? Well, there's pro football, but I don't care that much.  There's The Simpsons, which used to be my favorite show, but I don't believe I've watched it in a decade.  I still watch Family Guy, though, so there's that.  And as long as Fox is on, I sometimes stick around for Last Man On Earth.


Not much here for me, though I do still watch The Big Bang Theory, even if it's getting tired.  Who knows how much longer it'll be around, so might as well stay with it.  I also like Melissa Benoist on Supergirl, though the show isn't my cup of tea.


Now we're getting somewhere.  The night starts with The Middle--its last season.  The rest of the ABC comedies that night I'll probably skip. In fact, I may switch over the Fox to catch The Mick and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  Though this is the same time as This Is Us, so I'll have to choose.  (I know you can watch anything any time, but if you don't catch it the night of, it can start to pile up and you forget about it.)


There's good old Modern Family and nothing else.  The other ABC comedies I don't care about, and I care even less about all the drama on the other channels.


Thursday used to be Must See TV.  Is it still?  Well, CBS will move Big Bang Theory from Monday to Thursday in late fall, so I'll presumably check that out.  I'm not thrilled about the whole idea of Young Sheldon, but I'll give that a chance.  Anything else?  I might give The Orville a shot.  But for years, this night was owned by NBC's comedy lineup.  I don't really care about the new/old Will & Grace, or Great News, but Superstore I don't mind--though I'd pick BBT against it.  Then there's my favorite new comedy of last year, The Good Place, with a new, less enjoyable premise.  I'll check that out for sure--sorry, Young Sheldon.

Friday and Saturday:

I'm usually out.  Maybe that's why the worst shows are on these nights.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I'm giving the Orville a shot as well. The pilot left me confused whether this is a parody or a serious attempt to revive Star Trek type SciFi, perhaps with more humor. Are we supposed to take "the Krill" seriously? They can't shoot straight and are no Klingons (or Romulans).

As a parody, I just don't think they can maintain a sufficient level of humor to sustain a series. But we'll see.

8:06 PM, September 18, 2017  

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