Thursday, February 01, 2018


February 1st already?  You know what that means--it's Change Your Password Day.

Who would have guessed what survival skills our brave new world would require?  It wasn't that ago you you probably didn't think, for instance, that typing skills would be so important.  (And maybe they aren't--you just need to know how to type with two thumbs, and half the time your words will be filled in anyway).

But, apparently, one things that's necessary are good passwords (though what am I protecting that's so valuable?).  We all know the guidelines to making secure passwords--no birthdays or words that mean something to us, lest the Mr. Robots of the world get into our private stuff.

But I long for the days of simple passwords, like 12345 and PASSWORD.  Because the new problems with passwords is they keep you out when you can't remember them.  So you've got to write them down somewhere in a place where no one can find them.  And then you lose that, and you're screwed again.

And don't get me started on thumbprints and retinal scans.  I've seen enough Mission: Impossible movies to know they won't keep you safe.


Blogger New England Guy said...

jenny8675309 served me well for several years.

My problem is that due to better hackers (Thanks Russians) we now have to add so many damn bells and whistles including upper and lower case and at least 1 number and one funky symbol like the things that used to represent profanity. I feel like I am resetting passwords all the time because I forget them. And the code question to recover passwords are worse - like who was you favorite teacher? Now that it a qualitative analysis that may change over time and can you remember whether you put in just the last name or the Mr/Mrs/Ms and did you put in a period at the end of that if you did. I think exhaustion will lead folks to the retinal scan/thumbprint option. Most people probably just leave their passwords (at least the more mundane ones-like for fandango) embedded in their browsers anyway

6:57 AM, February 01, 2018  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

XKCD thinks that we are doing passwords all wrong. As NEG wrote, we now need "upper and lower case and at least 1 number and one funky symbol like the things that used to represent profanity" -- and these are impossible to remember and easy for machines to guess. XKCD's proposal is much simpler.

Correct horse battery staple, y'all!

10:33 PM, February 01, 2018  

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