Monday, February 05, 2018

Tunnel Vision

There's a parking garage next to the Burbank AMC 16 Theater.  To get to the movies, you walk through a small tunnel.  And on both walls are a huge blow-up of a photo of people sitting in an old movie theatre.

From the looks of them--the hairstyles, the dresses, etc.--it appears to be in the 1920s.  There's even an organ near the screen suggesting the silent era.

And what are they looking at?  Groucho Marx and Marilyn Monroe in a scene together.  Of course, neither were movie stars during the silent years.  But that's not the odd thing.

The image is from Love Happy.  Why pick this shot?  I realize they're both icons, but the film was not a high point for either.

It's the last feature that could honestly be called a Marx Brothers movie, but really it's a Harpo movie which Chico joined because he needed the money and Groucho joined so they could get funding. (Groucho was the biggest star at the time, and the Brothers as a team meant something).

But not only is it a weak film, Groucho is barely in it.  And Marilyn has even less to do--she was an unknown at the time and her part is just a walk-on.

So of all the countless images they could have put up, they chose this?  Something to think about as you walk through the tunnel.


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