Saturday, April 14, 2018


Today is the birthday of Ritchie Blackmore.  A founder of Deep Purple, his riff for "Smoke On The Water" was the one every beginner guitarist learned.


Anonymous Lawrence King said...

Blackmore left Deep Purple to found Rainbow, mostly so he could have full control of his own band.

Then in 1997, he left rock-and-roll entirely, founding Blackmore's Night with his wife, Candice night. They were sometimes billed as a Renaissance-music band, but in fact they combined Renaissance-era music, modern pop music, and modern rock in various combintation.

Here's a great clip of Blackmore's Night playing "Past Times With Good Company" -- a song written by King Henry VIII.

I saw them in Delaware a few years ago. Heavy metal fans are still in shock at Blackmore leaving their scene. But one thing jumped out: He actually smiled on stage -- maybe even twice. That's more than he smiled from 1970 to 1997.

10:19 PM, April 14, 2018  
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