Sunday, June 03, 2018

That's The Ticket

I saw this guy buying lottery tickets at a machine in my local drugstore.  They were the scratch-off kind.

He'd buy one, go over to an empty counter, and scratch.  He'd lose, buy another, scratch that one, lose and do it again.  He must have done this five times. (I suppose if he'd won, he'd collect his winning and buy more until he was done.)

I have a suggestion.  Since I don't imagine he wins that often (and when he does win, he doesn't win big), what he must enjoy is the anticipation.  This could be the one!

So what he should do is buy one ticket, take it home and enjoy the anticipation on the trip back.  Scratch, lose and then wait till your next trip to the drugstore to buy another.

And then start to wait longer and longer before you start the scratching.  Let that anticipation build. Eventually you'll get down to one ticket a week.  Then once a month.  Maybe once a year.

But won't he miss out on the million-dollar ticket?  Hey, you play the lottery, you take your chances.


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