Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Unluckiest People

This is sort of a double-cross.  People Of Earth, which had been renewed for its third season, has been canceled. In fact, the new season had already been written, and now it won't be shot.

The premise was Earth was being visited by aliens--greys, whites and reptilian--who were planning an invasion. In particular, they picked up a group of humans as stage one to observe them (stage two being the invasion).  These people's memories were wiped, or changed, but they felt something was wrong and got together to form a support group.

I liked the show. It was a comedy with quite a few eccentric characters (humans and aliens alike) and a fairly decent plot.  And now, not only is the show canceled, but we're forever left hanging.  The main character, Ozzie--a reporter investigating the support group, but also an abductee himself--was apparently killed.  For that matter, it wasn't clear how far the aliens would get with their plans.

But nothing stops and invasion better than a cancelation, I guess.  People Of Earth was on TBS.  Is there any chance Netflix or some other charitable organization will pick it up?

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