Saturday, August 11, 2018

Bart Blunder

Peter Bart has worked in or written about show biz for decades, but the stuff he does for Deadline Hollywood makes you think he's lost it. For instance, in a recent piece about Robert Redford's retirement we get this on Redford's early film career:

But the young actor was both determined and ambitious [after the failure of The Chase (1966)].  Having never done comedy, he nonetheless fought for a role in Barefoot in the Park (1967)...

How's that?  Never done comedy?  What about his first major film, Situation Hopeless...But Not Serious (1965)?  Bart couldn't be bothered to look that up?

Worse, of course, is that even before then, Redford was noted for his talent in light comedy.  In particular, he starred in a Broadway smash hit...what was that title again...oh yes, Barefoot In The Park.

In fact, I've heard (though don't know if I believe) that after a few flops Redford had given up on Hollywood, even on acting, and was travelling around the world when he was offered the role in Barefoot.  He didn't even want to do it, since he didn't like to repeat himself, so had to be convinced.

To his credit, Bart did spell the title correctly and get the year right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Redford went on to a major career in films, of course, but mostly in drama. If he wanted to, he probably could have had a major career in romantic comedy like Tom Hanks or Cary Grant.

2:06 AM, August 12, 2018  

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