Saturday, June 08, 2019

Chi Shy

I've enjoyed the first two seasons of Showtime's The Chi. It's about various people in the south side of Chicago whose lives intersect.  It's an ensemble drama, but if there were a lead, or a central character, I think it would be Jason Mitchell as Brandon, a chef who wants to play it straight but has a lot of trouble.

And now the actor is in trouble.  He's been accused of personal misconduct and has been kicked off the show. In fact, it looks like Mitchell, who was an up-and-comer, may be finished in general, as everyone he's associated with is dropping him.

So the third season of The Chi will be without Brandon.  There are plenty of other characters, of course, but I suppose every viewer will have to ask if they want to continue watching with Mitchell gone.  I'm not sure I will.

I don't think The Chi is that big a hit--certainly it doesn't get numbers comparable to Homeland or Billions.  And the ratings dropped considerably in the second season.  The show was renewed before Mitchell's issues came to light. I wonder if Showtime would have committed if they'd known.


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