Saturday, June 15, 2019

Let George Say It

George Clooney and partner Grant Heslov have produced the new Hulu mini-series Catch-22.  The 1970 movie version, directed by Mike Nichols, was a disaster, but maybe the extra screen-time will allow for them to capture the absurdist comedy of the source. (Too bad I don't get Hulu.)

George and Grant were just interviewed at The first question is about how Clooney speaks out on political issues.  Then we get this exchange:

Q:  Grant, as George's partner, when you're sitting there and the questions about Trump or something else off-topic floats by on a hook, do you ever think, 'George, don't swallow the bait?'

Grant Heslov: No.  I don't think you give up your right to be a citizen if you become a movie star.  It makes me proud.

Can't blame Heslov for backing his (more famous) partner.  And he's right, movie stars have the same rights as all citizens.  But there is a difference.

You see, plumbers and accountants have opinions, too, just as valid as Clooney's.  But they don't get interviewed by the press, and their opinions aren't spread across the globe.  In fact, if I hired a plumber and he kept going on about the world situation, rather than snaking my toilet, I'd probably fire him.

It must be pretty tempting to speak your mind, knowing millions will hear your words.  But I'm pretty sure Clooney knows he's not being interviewed for his geopolitical acumen.  I can't stop movie stars from saying what they want when they want, but I'm still not clear on why the press finds it newsworthy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The press finds it newsworthy for the same reason Clooney does. They agree with it and it's a tool to promote their views.

You've made the mistake of thinking your sense of their mission is the same as your sense of their mission.

Plus, it better fits their business model, such as it is. They get a lot more volume from these celebs than issuing competent 'splainers. (As opposed to the incompetent Explainers of Vox)

3:55 AM, June 16, 2019  

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