Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tuesday Battle

This year, the most fought-over real estate in prime time seems to be Tuesdays at 8. Last week, we finally got new episodes of Commander In Chief, House and My Name Is Earl simultaneously.

As I predicted, Commander In Chief won. But it seems the battle took something out of her. Chief had been top ten lately, but was down to #15 last week. For that matter, House was often in the top fifteen, but fell to #19. My Name Is Earl was probably the least effected, still doing okay but outside the top twenty at #25.

All the shows are successful enough to go on. The question is will any network flinch and seek a different timeslot.

Actually, I've heard rumors NBC might move Earl to a Thursday slot. Thursday was NBC's glory day for almost 20 years, but the age of Cosby, Cheers and Seinfeld is long gone. The hope is Earl, NBC's biggest comedy, will help prop up the failing Joey and the tired Will & Grace. It certainly hasn't been able to do much for its Tuesday neighbor, The Office, which was #53. If Earl does leave, my guess is more of its viewers will go to House than Chief--if they go anywhere--since House is more of a comedy. That could make the Tuesday battle even closer.


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