Monday, November 07, 2005

Knock Me Over With A Feather

I know the editorial board of the LA Times has been changing, but I felt whipsawed this weekend. California's having a special election on Tuesday and there are four propositions, in particular, that are central to Guv Ahnold's plans to change the state around.

I figured from past experience the Times would say "no" to all. The unions have spent over $150 million, I've heard, to stop them, and the Times usually goes along with the unions. Instead, they're advising a "yes" on three of four--I'm not even sure if I'd go that far.

On Prop 74, which makes it tougher for teachers to get tenure, the Times says yes. On Prop 75, which requires unions to get individual permission before spending dues on political campaigns, the Times says yes. On Prop 76, which would give the governor special powers to cut spending in certain situations, the Times says no. On Prop 77, which allows three retired judges to draw district lines (as opposed to the parties), the Times says yes.

I really haven't made up my mind on any of these except 76, which strikes me as more important than the other three put together. I'm voting yes, so, of course, that's the one the Times gives a thumbs down to.

Incidentally, as I predicted a while ago in this blog (sorry, no link), the Survey USA poll used wording that was far too positive (or just clear?) and thus got results too sunny for Arnold's side. Other polls (which may be a bit too much on the negative side, especially if turnout is low) suggest all four propositions are in trouble.

The one just about certain to fail--it figures--is 76, the one I like. Meanwhile, 74 and 75 are fairly close. Local pundits suggest if Arnold can win just two of four, he can declare victory.


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