Monday, January 09, 2006

This Year's Model

Okay I tried this once and it got lost in ether. This version may not be the same, I have the advantage of actually being in the new year afterall. So here are my predictions for 2006:

War on Terror: Significant (but not enough to please the democrats) pullback from Iraq. Media will therefore focus more on the other two axes of evil. Hopefully they will not do anything to justify more attention. Israel and palestine please be nice to each other this year. (I know those last two are notreally predictions.)

Politics: Democrats continue to act crazy, Repubs continue to fight amongst themselves. Mid-term elections spilt enough for them both to claim victory.

Pop Culture: I don't remember what I wrote here before. Oscars (and all the rest) give BBM more awards than it deserves.

Law: Tom Delay is acquitted. Greta VanSustern is looking for work on MSNBC or some other obscure place unless another beautiful white girl meets an untimely death or missingness.

Sports: Wolverines have a better year as these guys start to mature and Henne decides he would rather be Brady then Harrington. Pistons go all the way.

Medicine: Stem cell research continues to make small strides and no benefit is found from using embryonic cells as opposed to morally neutral other sources. Avian flu is a media bust. Move on to other panic attacks.

Weather: God is quieter this year.

Business: The market flies early and then has to take a rest for the late summer and fall. US Economy grows at 4% rate. Unemployment remains low. Interest rate hikes by Fed catch up to economy late 2006, early 2007. Housing bubbles are regional and some will pop and some will slowly deflate. Florida continues to boom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greta's got nothing to worry about. They have an endless supply of white girls in trouble.

10:41 PM, January 09, 2006  

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