Sunday, January 25, 2009


Here's an odd little documentary shown at Sundance, Over The Hills And Far Away. It's about parents who bring their autistic five-year-old to Mongolian shamans for a cure. And if I read the review correctly, the parents seem to think it works.

The Peter DeBruge review states: "Enlisted to document the Isaacsons' highly unusual trip, director Michel Orion Scott has the good sense not to suggest their extreme solution will work for others." Furthermore, "What we're left with isn't whether or not shamanism cures autism but a more allegorical example of what happens when people seek solutions beyond the boundaries of Western thought."

Really? I would guess for the many parents of autistic children that they'd care quite a bit if the film documents a cure for autism. So much so that they may miss the allegory and try to get the same cure for their kids.


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