Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Want Answers!

From a talkback on Lost at AICN:

Need an answer:

1. Who is Jacob.

2. Who is the MIB
[I assume this means the Man In Black]

3. What is the smoke monster

4. What is the Temple ?

5. What are the Whispers ?

6. Who is Richard Alpert and why doesn’t he get older ?

7. What was the deal with Jacob’s cabin, was it Jacob or MIB using it?

8. What is the deal with the numbers ? Are they cursed, do they have more meaning ?

9. Why did Jacob touch and choose certain people ?

10. High level answer of what is the Island ? Don’t need to know how it works to the nth degree.

Would like an answer:

1. Was that really Christian, or Jacob/MIB taking the form of Christian and if so why Christian ?

2. Who built the ancient items on the island, like the statue, or the donkey wheel, or the temple?

3. What is the significance of the Black Rock ?

4. Who are Adam and Eve ? (Obvious guess is still Rose and Bernard )

5. What is the deal with Walt?

6. What is the deal with Desmond ?

7. Why do Hurley and Miles see dead people ?

8. What is the deal with the rules in regards to the feud between Ben and Widmore ?

9. Are Ben and Widmore just a couple of feuding former leaders of the Others, who both want the Island for themselves or is there something more to it ?

10. Did the Others just want the kids to build their ranks or was their more meaning to it ?

I really do think that most of my top 10 will be answered. I also think that once we learn a bit more about Jacob, MIB and what they are doing on the Island a whole stack of questions will be answered in a short period of time.

The first ten questions are certainly among the biggest in the show. Most of them have to be answered or there won't be closure. Arguably #8 has been answered, though they could go further.

Interestingly, not a single one of the big questions mentions any of the lead characters from the first season. Presumably, though, we want to know the ultimate fates of Jack, Locke, Kate, etc.

The second set of questions may be answered, but they're hardly as essential. As for #1, we know that Jacob and/or MIB seems to have the power to inhabit bodies. Christian was around, so why not him? #5 they might leave alone. #6 we might just have to accept. (Perhaps being at ground zero when the Hatch exploded explains how he's become unstuck in time.) #7 is two separate questions. Miles' talent seems to be the ability to go into someone's brain at the time of their death and read what they were thinking around the end. Hurley's visions are different. (I suspect he may be seeing people from a separate reality--one that will come to the fore in season 6.) #8 I've never had a big problem with--Others don't kill other Others, or their kids. Is it that hard to understand? For that matter, if the island doesn't want you dead, you won't die. Ben admitted he wasn't thinking straight the first time he tried to kill Locke, expecting it to hold. #9 isn't much of a question. It's just wondering if there's more to a story we seem to understand already.

I'm still unhappy the producers think they've told all of Libby's story.

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