Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Over The Map

There have been a number of Lost maps made by fans. Now, with the show over, we get as good a one as you're likely to find from Jonah Adkins.

The map disagrees with other Lost maps in certain areas. Fox instance, the placement of Rousseau's camp and the spot the Tailies landed are matters of controversy. I suppose every Lost cartographer has to make choices. Different episodes give different information, and as Jonah admits, there is simply no way to make the map comport perfectly with all the action.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work, but you can go to this URL:

11:37 AM, June 19, 2010  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

The map is very impressive, and matches 98% of the data in the show. There seem to be two things that don't fit, however:

(1) The training video in the Pearl station told the people working there that they could go home by taking the Pala Ferry to the Barracks. Given the geography of your map, that would be a silly way to get from the Pearl to the Barracks.

(2) At the end of Season Five, Richard led the Others counter-clockwise along the short of the Island. They passed the original Oceanic 815 camp, and then reached the Statue. This doesn't fit the map. (On the other hand, Richard's path also contradicted the many times that our heroes went counter-clockwise along the shore from their camp to the Looking Glass or Rousseau's camp, so I think that the Season Five finale must be declared to be wrong when it showed them walking with the beach on their right.)

1:31 PM, June 19, 2010  
Blogger LAGuy said...

There's always been confusion to me as to how the DI buildings work--what's at the entry point, what's at the barracks.

I'm also a bit unclear on the trek Ilana took after she left the statue.

Yet one more thing. There are problems with how the plane crashed for the tailies.

As to your point number 2, I like to think that the show simply reversed the film a few times so the water was on the wrong side.

1:57 PM, June 19, 2010  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

I think we would find even more inconsistencies if we were to measure how long each trip takes. Whether a hike takes hours or days seems to depend on what's useful for the plot, not on the geography.

9:58 PM, June 19, 2010  

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