Friday, January 14, 2011

A Night To Remember

This is great.  For some reason, contrarian critic Armond White was selected to host the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.  Was he chosen by lottery?  Was every other critic out with the flu?

Anyone who reads his reviews must have known he didn't approve of most of the awards.  He didn't like Black Swan, The Kids Are All Right--actually, it's safe to assume if something is a critical favorite, he's panned it.

What's surprising (or is it?) is that he let the winners know. When actors won for roles White didn't like, he would praise them for other performances.  He even demanded playwright/presenter Tony Kushner explain why The Social Network is any good.

Sure, it's rude, but to White, truth is more important than politeness.  The audience jeered, but I wish they let him present an award at the Oscars.

PS  Here's a better award ceremony.


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