Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Picture This

I was at my drugstore when I noticed the woman working behind the pharmacy counter was covered with tattoos--all along her arms and neck.  Seemed odd.

I don't believe it's illegal (yet) for an employer to discriminate on the bassis of tattoos, and I'm a bit surprised this pharmacy hired someone so into them.  The man behind the counter was wearing a tie, so they still have some standards.

I suppose having tattoos doesn't prevent one from accurately filling a prescription, but it doesn't fill the customer with confidence, either.  Was she hired because pharmacists (or pharmacist assistants) are hard to find?  Or did she have the right connections?  Or have I missed it and tattoos are now so common that they've been mainstreamed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guy with a tie sounds like a freak.

2:42 AM, March 14, 2012  

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