Monday, July 01, 2013

Vanity Plates Of The Month

On a Mercedes.  NJ GRRL.  You're a long way from home, but it must be a nice ride in that car.

TXNYCA.  It would work better if it wasn't a California plate, which makes it a bit redundant.

MCHOCL8.  My chocolate?  Milk chocolate?  Monsieur Chocolate?

0 DFCTS.  It was a Lexus. I guess they thought it was prefect.  (Or is this No Deficits--I'd certainly have a deficit if I bought a Lexus.)

CLN SLT.  Easier to understand than TBL RSA.

UNIQ.  I believe he thinks he's unique, and not a eunuch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's not milk chocolate it is the beer Michelob

-beer guy

8:57 AM, July 03, 2013  
Blogger LAGuy said...

Perhaps if you drink enough you'll see that 8 as a B. Of course, if you're that drunk, you probably shouldn't be on the road.

9:15 AM, July 03, 2013  

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