Thursday, September 05, 2013

National Nightmare Over

For the past month I haven't been able to receive CBS, Showtime and a few other channels, thanks to the showdown between Time Warner Cable and CBS.  As I wrote earlier, I didn't miss it much--I'd already given up on Under The Dome, and Letterman has seen better days.  Still, as I figured, they came to a settlement right after Labor Day, when new shows and football games are being aired.

I get the feeling TWC blinked, which is bad news.  They already charge too much, and now they'll probably tack on even more to my bill.  Yeah, I guess I'll watch The Big Bang Theory and Homeland, but I still wish I were offered an a la carte menu.  And TWC better charge less for the last month.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All cable companies are bad but TwC is the worst.

Al a carte would mean that you got to pick among the remaining ten channels- maybe that focus interest again

2:02 PM, September 05, 2013  

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