Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Name Of The Game

Labor Day is over, and pundits are starting to pay serious attention to the 2014 Senate race.  Things are looking pretty good for Republicans, since 2008 was a huge year for Democrats. However, since the GOP underperformed in 2012 (losing seats when they should have gained), there's a fear among conservatives they may blow it again--though the question is will all those 2012 Dem voters come out in an off-year election.

In any case, 2014 is the time for Republicans to take back the Senate, or at least pull even.  The GOP needs to win five new seats to be in the majority, and since they did so well in 2010, the opportunites won't be as great in 2016.

Not only are 20 out of the 35 races in 2012 located in spots currently held by Democrats, but five Democrats are retiring as opposed to only two Republicans.  Those five states are Iowa, Michigan, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia--none so Blue that they can't be taken by the right Republican candidate.

And the two Republicans states? Georgia and Nebraska.  Which brings me to what this post is actually about.

Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia has served two terms and is now leaving.  That's too bad.  I don't really have much to say about him politically, but "Saxby Chambliss" is probably the coolest name any Senator has ever had.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

With the historic (never happened before in Colo.) recall of two Dem. State Senators yesterday, the gloom may finally be lifting off the Rep. party in this state. The key apparently is 2nd Amendment rights. The Senate Pres. from Colo. Springs lost narrowly, but even more surprising is the State Sen. from Pueblo CO - avery Dem. and union strong district, lost by a wide margin.

Now it doesn't seem such a stretch that Gov. Hickenlooper will face a tough challenge next year, since he sperheaded the umpopular gun control laws passed last year by our all Dem Legislature. Tom Tancredo, who does not poll well among hispanics, is actually just one point behind Hickenlooper in early (meaningless) polls.

But knocking off Mark Udall in the Senate would be a real stretch - most folks have that seat as "Likely Dem."

8:35 AM, September 11, 2013  
Blogger LAGuy said...

The trick in the Senate is the combination of a nationalized election mixed with specific state issues. As for governor, guns seem to work for the GOP so why would they run the poster child for anti-immigration stuff?

I hear part of the reason the two Democrats lost the recall election was that not only were they anti-gun, but they were quite highhanded about ramming through their plans.

11:26 AM, September 11, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Colorado reps get more identified with fringe groups (guns)- might work for off year elections but it seems to a short-sighted strategy

5:52 AM, September 12, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guns work in most of the US as an issue any time. Those bitter cliners President Obama talked about are still there, which explains why even after Aurora the Congress couldn't pass any (pointless) assault weapons ban.

My favorite ad was Manchin's in West Virginia, who shot through a copy of Obamacare just to show where he, a Democrat, stood.

10:16 AM, September 12, 2013  

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