Friday, September 06, 2013

No Future or Bad News, Everyone

So Futurama has been canceled. For good this time--they say.  It was first canceled ten years ago but has put out 68 episodes since. It's easier to uncancel animated shows, since all you need is the voice actors to show up again.  In fact, you can even hire new ones if need be.

Futurama was professionally done, but I never warmed to the characters.  For instance, the finale, "Meanwhile," allowed the central couple, Fry and Leela, to live out their lives together, but I didn't really feel it.  In general, I always thought Fry was a bit too stupid for his situation, Leela wasn't funny enough, Bender was annoying and the rest of the cast mostly one-joke concepts.

Actually, the most impressive thing about the show--what kept me watching--wasn't the jokes, or the voicework, or the animation, but the plots.  Though comic, they generally were complex, well-done science fiction.

So goodbye, Futurama. I may not mourn you, but I'll miss you.


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