Sunday, September 08, 2013

Give Me A Break

I've written in the past about the cryptic log lines of Mad Men and The Sopranos. The shows have to supply some information, but the creators don't want to give anything away. I agree with their take. I'd rather not know, and I'd rather others not know and spill the beans. I don't even mean big twists--just what might be happening to whom.

Vince Gilligan seems to be following this rule with the last four episodes of his Breaking Bad.  Here are the descriptions available:

"To'hajiilee"--Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways.

Okay, we know something happens to Walt, but that's true for every episode, and it generally involves things heating up.

"Ozymandias"--Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances in different ways.

So now everyone (left alive) is involved, and they're doing something.  A must-see.

"Granite State"--Events set in motion long ago move toward a conclusion.

We kind of expected that from the beginning of the series.  Though the title does give away a bit, as we know the ID Walt is going to use in the future is from New Hampshire.


This is the finale (note the anagram) but there's not even a log line available yet.  What say we keep it that way, Vince?


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Sept 10. Upcoming for Pajama Guy

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Or maybe I'll just discuss the latest episode of Breaking Bad.

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