Saturday, November 02, 2013

From Tony To Thompson

The A.V. Club makes a half-hearted defense of Boardwalk Empire, but they're still too kind.  The show has been on several years, and though it keeps introducing new characters (often famous gangsters) and doling out plenty of violence, it never seems to go anywhere or become particularly gripping.

Set during Prohibition, the show looks good, but that's the main attraction.  There's a show to be done about the era, but it has to be about more than sets and costumes. (One good thing--the music keeps getting better.  By next year it should be 1925 and perhaps we'll hear some early Rodgers and Hart,)  Shows like The Sopranos and The Wire create their own world and have something to say.  BE just lays there, going from one character to another without much sense of purpose.

In fact, I've been rewatching The Sopranos, and there's BE lead Steve Buscemi and Tony Blundetto.  It's not remembered as one of the great guest appearances, but his arc on the show has more life and wit than we've seen in all these years with Nucky Thompson.


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