Saturday, March 08, 2014

Community Development

I thought the latest Community, "App Development And Condiments," was pretty good (even if the AV club called it "probably the weakest episode of the season").  Still, I miss Troy and, to a lesser extent, Pierce.  The story was built around the five main characters still on the show, as well as Chang and the Dean and a few others, and it worked fine for them. Still, I can't help but feel something isn't there.  Would I feel that way if I didn't know the show to begin with?

But what I want to write about isn't the episode.  It's the guest star who played Koogler.  This was a new and, I assume, one-shot character (who even got a nice movie trailer for the tag).  I recognized him but couldn't place him at first. Then I remembered--it's Mitch Hurwitz, comedy writer, best known for creating the great Arrested Development.  (I've met him several times and he's a nice guy.) Arrested Development, like Community, didn't get great ratings, but, unlike Community, at least won a bunch of Emmys.  Are he and Dan Harmon pals?

I suppose his appearance is an in-joke, since he's essentially unknown, and even those who know him don't think of him as an actor. But he pulled off the part with aplomb.


Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

"Mitchell Hurwitz was born as Mitchell D. Hurwitz."

We're going to have to start keeping an eye on those guys at IMDB.

7:58 AM, March 08, 2014  

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