Friday, August 01, 2014

Vanity Plates Of The Month

Saw a small car--a MINI Cooper--with MGCKMKR.  I don't see making much magic in such a small car.  (Or is it supposed to be the size of a magic marker.)

ZEN YOGA.  Bet he can get into some tight spots.

4TH WALL.  Hope he's not planning on breaking it.

OH CAMEO.  Just caught a glimpse of it.

SQSHNUT.  I think it's the sport, but it could be the vegetable.

BAD READ.  But at least easy to read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Mini Cooper plate uses magic with a "k" indicating witchiness, hairy underarms and a predilection for affordable fuel efficient vehicular transport (no "My Other Car is a Broom" bumpersticker?)

ZEN YOGA probably drives the speed limit and is incredibly dull to talk to

6:44 AM, August 01, 2014  

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