Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tuition Attrition or Shirley You're Not Joking

The premiere for the NBC-less sixth season of Community has been set.  It'll be available on Yahoo Screen starting March 17. (Note to self: get Yahoo Screen.)

Though Dan Harmon will be in charge, there are some serious problems. Most of them were visible in season five.  The study group had graduated so their reason for being was gone.  Getting together as a panel to help Greendale was never as compelling.  Worse, two of the original seven in the study group--Pierce (Chevy Chase) and, a bit later, Troy (Donald Glover)--departed.  The study group was the nucleus that made the show work, and removing even one changed the show's chemistry.  Two made it a different show.

Now we find out Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) is leaving.  That only leaves us Jeff, Britta, Annie and Abed.  All fine characters, but with so much less to play off.  It's hard to still call it Community.  There will be some new actors, but the show has done that in the past and it didn't make up for those who left.

There'll be thirteen episodes.  Whether there'll be another season, or a movie, remains to be seen.  The new show could also have nudity and swearing if it wishes. The biggest surprise is, according the Harmon, the budget Yahoo's offering is bigger than what they had on NBC (at least by the last year).

Season five, where Harmon returned after being fired, was a comeback, but still couldn't match the glory of the first three seasons.  Nevertheless, at times it was as good as ever, so I'm still hopeful.


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