Sunday, March 08, 2015

Maureen takes a break

I accidentally read a Maureen Dowd column the other day. Of course my first instinct upon realizing what I was doing was to gouge my eyes out, but inexplicably I continued to the end.

Really, it's tolerable and even not badly done. Even a stopped clock is right twice . . . a millennium or so.

She does manage to run off the rails in a couple of spots:

Everyone is looking for signs in how Hillary approaches 2016 to see if she’s learned lessons from past trouble. 

Of course they have. They're masters at it. This is a pretty good example. The only question is whether the country has learned any lessons from it.

Given all the mistakes they’ve made, why do they keep making them? Why do they somehow never do anything that doesn’t involve shadows?

What mistakes? It's an effective strategy that has stood them in good stead for decades. You can't help but admire the record. But, just for kicks, assuming this fact not in evidence, we can ask ourselves as Maureen does, Gosh, why is that? If we could only know.

In any case, cheers to Maureen. Now that she's got that out of her system she can get to the real business of trashing Scott Walker for the next two years, or 10.


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