Thursday, April 09, 2015


The University of Michigan, my alma mater, canceled a showing of American Sniper because students, especially Arab and Muslim ones, said the film is propagandistic and makes them feel uncomfortable.  The argument is the "Best of UMix" event it was scheduled for is supposed to be fun, so the title didn't fit.  In its place they'll be showing Paddington.  The University now claims they will reschedule Sniper, to be shown with "an appropriate educational panel discussion."

Not much to say here, except there's a backlash, and my guess is more people on campus think this is stupid than think its smart.  And also that many people in positions of authority at universities seem to have forgotten what the point of the institution is.

PS  As this story spreads, the University officials seem to be getting more and more embarrassed.  Perhaps the film will now be shown at the event (with "safeguards"), but what counts is the original decision, made when they figured no one else was watching.


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