Saturday, July 25, 2015

More logic

Fewer Republicans view own party favorably

This makes perfect sense. Democrats lie to the public at large, so the extreme base is happy. Republicans lie to the base, and let the media lie to the public, so the honest base is unhappy.

Best part: You knew it had to be in the article, the *opposite* explanation, that this poll results from kowtowing to extremist Republicans, which by and large don't extist, rather than kowtowing to the libs, who are generally extremist--and there it is: Pew's latest poll was conducted early last week amid a nascent 2016 presidential race that has been dominated in the media by businessman Donald Trump . . .  Trump, a Republican candidate, has enjoyed weeks of attention for his controversial comments on "rapists" and other criminals coming across the border from Mexico . . . Despite the controversy, he sits atop a crowded GOP field  . . .

Well, "despite the controversy," it just goes to show how racist the Republicans are, even when it's costing them the support of so many moderate Republicans.

As my old friend Justice Rehnquist would have said--indeed did say--"Post hoke airgo prope ter hoke."

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