Wednesday, July 13, 2016


ColumbusGal and I have been binge watching "The Good Wife," a perfect series for us.

Of course we watch with ads, it's on Hulu.

What caught me off guard was when the episode we were watching ended and it automatically began the next: I was expecting an ad, but there wasn't one in between the episodes.

It's not surprising. I was surprised, because I am conditioned to broadcast TV of the 1950's to, I suppose it still applies, the present.

But on demand TV doesn't work that way. The ads are packaged with the episode, and transitions are less relevant.

I suppose they *could* start placing ads in the transition, but why bother? The prepackaged with the episode ads serve the same purpose. Technology must always be ad hoc, I imagine.

(Is technological history a thing? Seems as if it should be.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TV as we know it is dead, though I've always wondered why they have this autowatch that takes you to the next episode automatically. I get it on YouTube, where everything is short, but if you've committed to a series they should trust you more.

5:20 AM, July 13, 2016  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I have stopped watching live broadcast TV completely, except for sporting events (watched some of the All Star Game last night). I resisted transition, because there was something nice about having "Must See Thursday" and the like.

But then I started missing episodes in serials (both comedy and dramas), and had to go on-line to catch up. Then certain stations began making it really hard to catch up, putting only the last few episodes of their shows online (ABC was/is the worst). So now I pretty much watch only shows available online, at the pace I want to watch. I still struggle with ABC (Middle, Muppets and Last Man Standing), but otherwise I'm happy as a clam watching Walking Dead, Mr. Robot and the final seasons of Dexter. I may go back to see Person Of Interest, which I really liked but fell too far behind on.

9:37 AM, July 13, 2016  
Blogger New England Guy said...

I'll miss it. The commercials let me know when it was time to go pee

10:18 AM, July 13, 2016  

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