Saturday, July 09, 2016

Self reflection

This Galston guy is pretty smart. Turns out that his view of the cause of Brexit, post Brexit, is exactly the same as it was pre Brexit: Those hick voters are pretty stupid and their betters just need to do a better job getting the message out. Or something.

Why So Many Missed the Nationalist Surge

I guess he didn't miss it. And if you think that "nationalist" is a Nazi thing, why, you're right!

"A fair question, and those of us who fear that resurgent nationalism could trigger a rerun of the 1930s must come up with better answers than we have so far. If we don’t, Brexit and Donald Trump are just the beginning."

And the ending is Zyklon B! (Wait, won't they be needing that that to deal with the uneducated masses? This projection thing is all so confusing . . .)


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