Thursday, October 27, 2016

We'll Always Have Paris

Here's a list of the world's least friendly cities.  Alphabetically, they are:

Baku, Azerbaijan
Dallas, U.S.
Prague, Czech Republic
Warsaw, Poland
Miami, U.S.
Reykjavik, Iceland
Hanoi, Vietnam
Vladikavkaz, Russia

Only nine cities.  They couldn't go for ten?  Good to see America placed twice.

These lists are common enough.  Here's one with the ten most and least friendly cities in the U.S.


Charleston, South Carolina
Park City, Utah
Savannah, George
Nashville, Tennessee
Austin, Texas
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Asheville, North Carolina
Jackson, Wyoming
New Orleans, Louisiana
Burlington, Vermont


Newark, New Jersey
Oakland, California
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Detroit, Michigan
Hartford, Connecticut
New Haven, Connecticut
Dover, Delaware
Wilmington, Delaware
Los Angeles, California
Baltimore, Maryland

These lists, even if created through polling, are kind of silly.  If you visit a city you only meet a limited number of people, and your experience with them will determine how the trip goes.

Some of these cities have rough reputations, but do they live up to them?  I've grew up in Detroit and now reside in Los Angeles, and in both places the people are generally friendly.  For that matter, I've spent a few days in places like Dover, Baltimore and New Haven and not run into any problems.

Actually, in my travels, it's been rare that I've met really unfriendly people.  Occasionally it does happen. In fact, I can remember four different occasions where I met people who seemed to me close to psychotic, and I thought there might be serious trouble.  Which cities?  Friendly New Orleans, Grand Rapids, Houston and the ironically named Loveland, Colorado.  But I assume these were just coincidences.


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I assume the international list considered football fans

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