Thursday, July 06, 2017

I hear he's got a gig with CNN

The most graceless president? I must have missed the column on "I won" they-bring-a-knife-we-bring-a-gun Obama complaining about stupid police.

If you call someone a bitter clinger, is that a case of "Humiliating people [being] a terrific way to reduce the likelihood of cooperation. Graceless leaders produce graceless followers and graceless opponents. Gracelessness is stupid, because those who lack grace inflame their adversaries -- and turn potential friends into enemies."


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

Of course, calling 25% of the voting public deplorable, that shows a lot of grace. As does blaming the discovery of a husband's infidelity on a vast, right-wing conspiracy.

6:56 AM, July 06, 2017  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truth is an absolute defense though. Yeah it did lead to Revenge of Stupid

8:58 AM, July 06, 2017  
Anonymous Eobard Thawne said...

Liberal pundits have spent half a century playing a game that I call "that wonderful (dead) conservative".

In 1964, they said Barry Goldwater was crazy. Too bad he's not like Robert Taft, a conservative we truly admired!

In the 1980s, they said Ronald Reagan was cruel and mean. Too bad he's not like Barry Goldwater, a conservative we truly admired!

In 2008 and 2012, they said McCain and Romney were warmongering fascists who wanted to put women in binders. Too bad they're not like Ronald Reagan, a conservative we truly admired!

11:47 PM, July 06, 2017  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

Anonymous, you don't understand what grace is. Even if both of HRC's assertions were true (highly unlikely), grace means not taking cheap shots at your opponent on irrelevant or unfair grounds. Sunstein is making the point that Trump is often graceless, and I would agree. But he's just the latest step in the downward spiral of American public discourse. There was Obama shaming members of the S.Ct in a SOTU address, a forum where they could not defend themselves. There was Harry Reid proclaiming Romney paid no taxes. There was the last minute disclosure of George W. Bush's DUI in 2000. Trump fights fire with fire, and I find that unfortunate, but hardly unique.

9:18 AM, July 07, 2017  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Do you think anonymous knows who Hayek is, DG?

10:50 AM, July 07, 2017  

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