Friday, August 11, 2017

Make Money

I just read John Waters' new book, Make Trouble.  It took all of ten minutes.  After all, it's just an illustrated version of a graduation speech he gave at the Rhode Island School of Design.

He doesn't have anything deep to say, though he does marvel at how he's made a career as a purveyor of filth.  I can't blame a guy for trying to make a living, but if you read anything by Waters, I suggest it be Shock Value, his memoir from many years ago.

In the speech he claims he's not rich, though I have to wonder if he's talking poor.  His films (and books, and personal appearances) may not have made him tons of money, but what about the Broadway musical adaptation of Hairspray?

He didn't write it, but it was based on his movie so he must own a percentage.  It ran for over six years on Broadway, has since been performed around the world, and was turned into a major motion picture.

Perhaps his idea of rich is different, considering the types he hangs out with, but I would guess most people could happily retire on the money he's already made from that show.  (If not, I suggest he get a new financial advisor.)


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