Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Quiet One

George Harrison died in 2001, but today would have been his 75th birthday.  He's my fourth-favorite Beatle, which puts him ahead of almost everyone else.

It's hard to get originals, or even decent outtakes, of Beatles' stuff, so the rest will be after they broke up.


Anonymous Lawrence King said...

I thought "the quiet one" was the nickname for John Entwistle, not George Harrison?

"Breakfast With the Beatles" was playing some great GH music this morning. They included two songs I don't recall ever having heard, both of which were excellent: "The Devil's Radio" (lyrics, notes) and "Hottest Gong in Town" (lyrics).

6:55 PM, February 25, 2018  
Blogger LAGuy said...

I know Entwistle wrote a song called "The Quiet One" (I prefer "Boris The Spider"), but just in case there's any question, I googled "George Harrison the quiet one" and got 5,660,000 hits. I googled "John Entwistle the quiet one" and got 158,000 hits.

9:14 PM, February 25, 2018  

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