Sunday, February 18, 2018


I caught The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix.  I'm not exactly enamored of the Cloverfield films--the first one had a neat look (for the time) but was kind of dumb, and the second one had a decent set-up but could have paid off better--but this one seems the most pointless. (Spoilers ahead)

The action is set on a space station that's trying out some new thingamajig that will save the planet by providing limitless energy.  But there's some sort of sci-fi danger when they click on the switch and tear a hole in space-time.  Before they know it, the crew is in a parallel universe and weird things keep happening.  They finally get back to our Earth, and save the day energy-wise, but monsters have been unleashed on the planet.

That's it.  The crew fights, most get in danger and die, and things happen with little rhyme or reason.  There's not much consistency to the plot and the characters are pretty thin.  It's a good cast, but there's only so much they can do with this material.

In addition to the weakness of the film, I don't exactly get how this fits into the world of Cloverfield.  This is set in the near future (where we're having an energy crisis, which is always around the corner)--but I thought the first Cloverfield film was set in the present.  Is the film saying when they caused the trouble, the monsters were sent back a few decades ago onto the Earth and so the planet in the "present" is used to them?

I don't really need an answer.  Who cares?  I didn't need to know the origin of the monsters, and if I was gonna get one, I'd want a better explanation than this.  After reading about the movie, I found out the script was written independently and adapted to the Cloverfield series.  Better they left it alone.


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