Sunday, August 12, 2018


Today is National Middle Child Day.  And as a middle child, I have to say, about time.

The oldest child gets a lot of solo attention.  The youngest child gets special treatment as the baby of the family.  It's the middle child who's so easy to forget.

There is a thing called Middle Child Syndrome for the kid who doesn't have a clear place in the family.  I wouldn't make too much of it, but at least we should have a day a year for people to make sure they're not treating the middle child as an also-ran.

So to all you Jan and Peter Bradys out there, all you Mallory Keatons, all you Darlene Conners, all you Lisa Simpsons, all you Malcolms, all you Michael Bluths, all you Alex Dunphys, all you Sue Hecks, today is your day.  Enjoy it while you can.  Tomorrow it's back to normal.


Anonymous Lawrence King said...

I learned about "Middle Child Syndrome" from a TV sitcom. The protagonist is on a date with a girl who has read lots of pop psychology. When she learns he's a middle child, she says he has "Middle Child Syndrome." So he decides he needs to see a psychiatrist. Laughs ensue.

And yet this protagonist -- star of the biggest sitcom of the late 1970s -- isn't even on your list of TV middle children.

But that's not surprising... because Richie Cunningham was a middle child only in the first two seasons of Happy Days!

4:43 PM, August 12, 2018  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's how you cure Middle Child Syndrome. Get rid of your older sibling!

5:16 PM, August 12, 2018  

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