Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Year's Model

Soon (maybe tomorrow) some of the other Guys and I will be posting our awards for 2005 and predictions for 2006. First, let's look at what Pajama Guy (remember him?) wrote last year, as well as what I did.

Comparing us, you can see the different between cold-eyed analysis (me) and a conservative wish list. Let me quote PJ Guy on the War on Terror:
By June both Zarqawi and bin Laden are captured or killed, and Iraq is being called an even bigger success story than Afghanistan. The Democrats move on [ha!]. By August they are making their dire predictions about Iran, which is now getting squeezed by a U.S.-led naval blockade. With President Bush making good on his promise to stop the Mullahs from getting the bomb, regime change is in the air.
On Politics:
By the end of 2005 it will be clear that Indiana Senator Evan Bayh [who?] will run in 2008, to the delight of Democratic moderates who hope someone will deny Hillary Rodham Clinton the nomination.
Pop Culture:
Martha Stewart is bigger than ever. Tapped by NBC to star in and executive produce a second edition of "The Apprentice," she crushes Trump in the Nielsens.
Michael Jackson is convicted under an avalanche of evidence and Clarence Thomas is elevated to Chief Justice.
And finally, sports:
Curse-busting mania continues as the Chicago Cubs jump out to a big lead before the All-Star break, fade in July, manage to hang on to a wild card spot, but fall to the Mets in the playoffs.
No wonder Pajama Guy hasn't been writing for a while--he's too embarrassed.

Meanwhile, my predictions mostly make sense. On Terror:
Murderous thugs will continue causing trouble in Iraq for years to come, not realizing they've already lost their country and there's nothing they can do about it.
World politics:
"Old Europe" and the United States will continue to be mutually distrustful. Only token efforts at rapprochement will be made.
American Politics:
The Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party will not be chastened in the slightest by the 2004 election, and will continue to demonize Bush and make ridiculous claims about the war on terror. Right wing cultural mavens will continue to fight phantom threats against religion. Donald Rumsfeld will continue to serve.
The Democrats will not be able to prevent any Supreme Court choice President Bush makes. [I think this is correct--Miers fell due to pressure from the Right.]
Pop Culture:
The Passion Of The Christ will not win an Oscar. This will be misinterpreted by many prominent right-wing Christians as a snub.
The Cubs will teach the Red Sox a lesson by not winning the World Series.
So there you have it. Between me and PJ Guy, we're right about 50% of the time.

Columbus Guy says: Yes. On our recent trip to Hudson Bay, ColumbusGal and I split the driving 50-50. She did the U.S., I did Canada.


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