Monday, November 12, 2007

Shut Up, He Explained

At the Ibero-American summit, King Juan Carlos told Hugo Chavez, who kept trying to interrupt Spain's prime minister, to shut up. The prime minister was taking exception to Chavez, who had claimed that Jose Maria Aznar, the Spanish leader who fought fascism and then stepped aside (his party lost, too) after two terms, was a fascist.

While it's generally a good idea to tell Chavez to shut up, this wasn't the real story.

Much more interesting was how Daniel Ortega then surrendered his time to Chavez. Chavez responded by saying he was telling the truth, so he's allowed to go nuts any time anyone anywhere has the nerve to disagree. Backing him up, the Cuban vice president said being elected doesn't make you a legitimate leader, you have to rule properly.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Sorry I couldn't be there.


Anonymous Lawrence King said...

If I lived in Spain, I'd be tempted to become a monarchist.

2:59 PM, November 12, 2007  

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